Aims of Niigata College of Nursing

A richness of humanity that understands the importance of life, and people’s joy and grief alike

In nursing, nothing is more important than the ‘heart and mind’. At Niigata College of Nursing, we foster generous hearts and minds that can share the happiness and sadness that people feel.

The knowledge and skills to deal with any situation in life, and the development of abilities in scientific judgment

Along with fostering an orientation toward self-improvement through deep insight, and by teaching students both basic and advanced knowledge and techniques, Niigata College of Nursing develops human resources that can respond flexibly to the needs of the times and the health of people whose lives change in a variety of ways.

The acquisition of the ability to co-ordinate multi-disciplinary effort by viewing nursing holistically from the perspectives of health, medicine and welfare

With perspectives that integrate health, medicine and welfare, Niigata College of Nursing students develop the capacity to manage and regulate situations on a holistic basis through practices that reflect cooperation and co-ordination with people in associated fields.

Cultivating communication skills and sensitivity to social change

Through interpreting diversified information accurately, Niigata College of Nursing students gain skills in authentic communication while building on their own learning.

Developing people who are internationally minded and who perceive the world with a global perspective.

The nursing field continues to broaden, crossing communities and borders. Niigata College of Nursing, through strengthening and supporting language skills, fosters human resources that can play an active role in the international community.


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