Outline of the Subject Groups - Undergraduate Program

Area Subject
Foundation Courses Human & Environment Area Social Science Exploration of the theories and applications of nursing science through a cultural anthropological approach and behavioral scientific approach in order to clarify the interaction between human life and the environment.
Information Science Scientifically principled instruction in a second language and exploring theories of information and delivery of the knowledge, techniques and methods needed for application of those theories.
Biology & Medical Area Natural Science Examining the position of humans in nature, body structure and function, relation between humans and diseases, and the mechanism of diseases, as well as providing the knowledge needed for exploration of changes in clinical conditions.
Health & Integrated Studies Area Health science and physical education, general studies I and II.
Specialized Courses Fundamental Nursing Area Fundamental Nursing Exploration of the essence of nursing, instruction on the history of nursing, learning about movements in international nursing-care activities, welfare and nursing theory and studies on nursing.
Fundamental Nursing Skills Instruction about the basic theory of self-care in daily life, theory and techniques of support, and application of these to practical technology in addition to technical training.
Nursing Administration Instruction about the theory and effective practice for ensuring the safety of medical care and about maintaining the nursing service system.
Clinical Practical Nursing Area Maternity Nursing & Midwifery Instruction on health phenomena occurring in the female life cycle, especially in women in their reproductive period and the newborn, as well as delivering knowledge, theories, supporting techniques and practical methods inclusive of their family and community.
Child Health Nursing Instruction about health phenomena occurring in babyhood, childhood and puberty accompanied by human growth and development as well as delivering supporting techniques, theories and practical methods inclusive of their family and community.
Adult Health Nursing Instruction about supporting techniques, theories and practical methods relating to chronic and acute health disorders caused by aging.
Community Living & Nursing Area Gerontological Nursing Instruction about the formation of health disorders caused by aging, as well as delivering related nursing techniques, theories and practical methods over the course of aging.
Psychiatric Nursing Instruction about mental health phenomena occurring in the process of human growth as well as delivering the relevant supporting techniques, theories and practical methods.
Community Health Nursing Teaching nursing methods to identify health phenomena in the community. And also teaching techniques, theories and practical methods, necessary for health support.
Undergraduate Nursing Research


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